Cafe Interiors – What’s Hot In 2016?

ribbon-green01If you want your cafe to stand out from the crowd it needs to do so for all the right reasons, especially when it comes to your décor. So with this in mind and as we’re one whole week into 2016, I thought that now was a good a time as any to take a close look at what’s hot in the interior design world right now!


The emphasis on colour this year is definitely on subtlety rather strong bold colours, so pastel shades are most certainly in. According to Pantone, the top colours this season include gentle hues such as such as rose, peach, and lilac grey. If you’re after more masculine colours then iced coffee and limpet shell blue are also very much en vogue.


There are several styles that are hot right now and one of those is the feeling of serenity and calmness. This understandably echoes the softer pastel shade colours, so plenty of greenery from lush vegetation such as hanging plants and larger shrubs gives a great on-trend look. Another style that’s big for 2016 is retro. You’ve only got to look at the 70’s fashion that’s gracing the stores right now to realise that anything to do with the 70’s is in and that includes interior styling. Opt for chocolate browns, sage greens, and burnt oranges to create that retro 70’s cafe look.


Again to follow on with the gentle, spa-like theme, natural materials are so now. So in with materials such as cork, marble, wood, stone, and copper and out with man-made, heavily manufactured materials. However there is one exception – polypropylene. It seems that in 2016 we can’t get enough of it. Polypropylene chairs, polypropylene tables, and even polypropylene crockery will all be making a huge appearance this year.


if there’s one type of item that’s set to epitomise 2016 and that’s artisan goods. From local pottery or sculptures, to tassels, crochet, and macramé, artisan is the hottest trend. For your cafe why not consider a Mongolian lambskin pouffe or a Moroccan rug next to a wooden coffee table? Or how about selling artisan foods such as jams and cakes?

If you’re looking to revamp your cafe interior to bring it right into the 21st century or are looking to open a new establishment then hopefully this will give you a guide as to what’s hot and what’s not in 2016. At Cafe Furniture Brisbane we supply a wide range of cafe furniture that can help to to achieve a look that’s bang on trend, so why not visit our website at to see just what we have to offer. Alternatively if you’re in the Brendale area then why not visit our showroom to see for yourself first hand. Finally, if you’re just plain stuck for ideas then contact our experienced team on 07 3205 1616 who are only too happy to help.