A Quick Guide to Booth Seating

booth seating

Booth seating is a stylish space-saving option for cafes and restaurants. Offering a certain element of privacy, it offers a comfortable and intimate area for your customers to eat and drink.

This fixed style of seating generally encompasses straight or curved seating, promoting an intimate area for dining and socialising, and making good use of limited space.

Space saving booth seating

One of the key elements in café or restaurant interior design is maximising floor space to its full potential enabling you to simultaneously maximise your profits. Booth seating takes up less space than a standard café table and four chairs enabling you to squeeze in more customers without creating a cramped space.

Booth seating and design aesthetics

Our black booth seating can be placed back to back around the outside of your floor space or along one wall with a table in between and can be surrounded with other contract furniture. Customers enjoy booth seating because it gives them a certain degree of privacy. It’s perfect for families with young children since it allows them to sprawl out without having to worry about settling young children on individual chairs. It’s also good for freelancers who can have plenty of space for their laptop and papers.

Direct the flow of traffic

Booth seating can also be used to direct the flow of foot traffic in a busy environment by enabling a clear pathway to the kitchen or the toilets and making it easier for waiting staff to serve at tables. It can also be used to zone areas, for example, separating a servery or a bar area, in a large restaurant.

Booth seating materials

Making the right choice of fabric in any type of eatery requires careful consideration. It’s particularly important for booth seating since a long run of fabric can look dull and lifeless. It can be a good idea to include button backs, two-toned fabrics, or even piping to add texture and interest.

Unfortunately, booth seating does tend to incur more spillages of food or drink, so it’s advisable to opt for fabric which can be wiped clean easily to prolong its life. Our black booth seating is upholstered in soft vinyl which can be wiped down with little effort to keep it looking clean and pristine. If you’re intent on fabric, then choosing a pattern is the best option.

So, there you have it – a quick guide to booth seating. If you’re interested in booth seating then take a look at our black booth seat. We offer speedy delivery Australia wide or, if you prefer, why not pop along to your Brisbane showroom to take a look for yourself.