Choosing The Best Coffee Supplier For Your Cafe/Restaurant

coffee beans on gray steel wok

Choosing the best coffee supplier for your cafe is a dilemma many cafe owners face either when changing to a new supplier or when starting up. 

The main question is, how do you choose a coffee that will satisfy your customers, suit your business type, and fit your budget? 

Running a cafe or a coffee shop does not only entail good coffee; it involves having a coffee supplier who is wholly and utterly reliable. 

The moment you find the right flavour profile that suits your customer and your budget, it all boils down to one question – can my coffee supplier deliver consistently for my business?

Hopefully, in this article, you will understand how to find the best coffee supplier from the get-go instead of learning from a series of mistakes. 

Choosing the right coffee supplier is a vital decision that influences the amount of cash entering and leaving your bank account. Presently, there are so many coffee suppliers to choose from, so it is crucial you know how to select your coffee supplier wisely. 

Your choice shouldn’t be who offers the best deal but should instead be who provides the best value. Just like when looking for a restaurant to visit for lunch, you check reviews and put enough thought into going to the one that offers the best experience. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Coffee Supplier

There is a rule of thumb when choosing the right coffee supplier; it goes far beyond choice. Rule number one states – don’t pick based on whichever one you find first. 

It’s advisable to keep your options open and find the right coffee supplier to match your expectations regarding quality, customer service, reputation, and price. Let’s consider these factors;

1. Taste And Quality.

These factors are the key areas when creating a coffee concept or changing your coffee. Ensure you like the taste of the coffee; also, invite your customers to try out the new blends you’re considering. 

Doing this is necessary because the coffee blend you might like may be the one your customers will dislike. It would be best to consider your customer’s feedback since they are buying it. 

Remember, customers vote with their feet if they don’t like a particular service, so always involve them before settling with a specific coffee supplier. 

When it comes to quality, ask the coffee supplier essential questions about their coffee grade, roasting methods, blends, the origin of the coffee bean, and much more. Ensure you are satisfied with their answers. 

2. Packaging And Freshness.

Packaging is essential whether you’re looking for green or roasted coffee beans. Excellent packaging ensures the flavours and aromas are preserved for more extended periods. Using low-barrier packaging like Kraft paper bags or leaving them exposed to air can degrade your coffee flavour rapidly. 

For Green Coffee Beans Packaging.

You can use high-barrier packaging to preserve the freshness of your green coffee beans; it preserves the longevity of the bean’s flavour and also its freshness. 

Ensure to find out the harvest season the coffee beans are from so you don’t purchase an infested coffee bean with a musty taste and losing its flavour already. 

For Roasted Coffee Packaging.

If you purchase roasted coffee beans, go for suppliers that use high-barrier packaging; it prevents oxidation. The high-barrier packaging has a de-gassing valve, so you know it was freshly packaged. 

Ensure to know the roast date, as it is vital for coffee bean freshness; go for coffee within four weeks of being roasted. 

On A Final Note;

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