4 Defined Places That Are Set For Coffeeshopification In The Future

coffee shopIn a post by Stephen Gordon of the ‘Specialist’, he states that in the future everything will become a coffee shop. This might not be as far fetched as it sounds as many institutions are gradually going through a slow metamorphosis towards coffeeshopification. Here are four such places, some of which may just surprise you.


Universities the world over have been the seats of learning for many centuries and are traditionally places where would-be generals, prime ministers, and leaders of industry, learn the skills necessary to go on and set the world on fire. Part of that learning was the university lecture where the lecturer would stand up in front of a packed audience and inspire them to great things. Nowadays things have changed and the onset of the internet allows teachers to post their lectures online which means that many pupils don’t actually physically attend, instead choosing to view the lecture in a place of their choosing. One university lecturer stated that only 50% of his class attends lectures many of whom choose to watch in comfortable places where they can be with friends. The coffee shop fits the bill perfectly.

Book stores

While it’s true that many book stores already have café’s on the premises, the massive popularity of e-books means that many traditional book stores are having to re-invent themselves completely. In the future it’s easy to see how all book stores are going to become coffee shops. Conversely, given time it’s easy to see how the book store as we know it will be phased out completely and instead many book stores will primarily be coffee shops that just happen to sell books. Now that really is food for thought!

Retail stores

Online shopping has risen dramatically in the last decade especially with the invention of Amazon Prime where you can get orders delivered right to your door the very next day. In fact according to ABC news in 2014 the amount of people who did their Christmas shopping online accounted for 60% of the total $258 billion spent last year in Australia This tipped the balance of power towards online shopping vs traditional shopping for the very first time. What’s more this figure is set to grow dramatically over the next few years. Just imagine sitting in your favourite coffee shop not having to fight the crowds – and while we’re on that note, where is the most likely place that your orders will be delivered too? You’ve guessed it – the coffee shop.

The work place – again!

Where else would venture capitalists of the day frequent to strike up deals and to make money? The coffee house of course! It was only in the latter part of the 19th century when equipment became to expensive and too cumbersome, so the need for offices and workplaces grew out of necessity. Now a person can duplicate most office functions using nothing but a small lap-top. The only real need of an office nowadays is so that you have an address or base from which to work from. In the future why can’t that place that clients know where to find you be a coffee shop! Ask the thousands of freelancers who already base themselves in café’s around the world. Coffeeshopification is coming!

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