4 Excellent Styles That Really Suit Tolix Stools And Chairs

Tolix cafe chairI’m sure if you’ve been in the cafe business for any length of time you would have heard about or even seen Tolix stools or chairs. Although they were first introduced in the 1930’s and epitomise French cafe chic they’re just as popular now as they were back in the day. If you love the simplistic styling of the Tolix stool or it’s equivalent replica and are wondering just how to include them into your venue then here are some great styles that suit the Tolix stool/chair down to a tea.


As you’ve probably guessed by looking around, industrial is all the rage right now. As a result more and more trendy café’s restaurants and bistro’s are embracing the theme. The almost workmanlike aluminium styling of the Tolix stool sits perfectly with exposed beans and brickwork that epitomise the industrial theme. Throw in a stainless steel or copper bar table and you’ll find you have a perfect match.

Rustic feel

Just as Tolix stools/chairs look simplistic but rugged in their design they also scream out rusticity. Therefore try pairing them with the odd oak barrel or two or taller wood tables for a modern take on a charmingly rustic feel.

Contemporary Mediterranean

Just imagine rows of gleaming aluminium tables coupled with stainless steel Tolix chairs all glistening in the sun. Alternatively how about a small pavement area with a selection of chrome tables and chairs where people can sit watching the world go by. Throw in some box hedging, a bowl or two of olives, and a glass of something cold and your customers could be forgiven for thinking that they’re in the Cotê d’Azur.

Fun and funky

Replica Tolix stools come in a wide variety of bright colours yet still maintain that iconic, simplistic design that we all know and love. As a result they’re ideal if you’re looking to ‘funk it up’ with some bright brushed steel colours. How about grouping colours of deep red, sunburst yellow, mint green and azure blue around a simple chrome table. Alternatively use the stools as accent colours against a crisp white background to create a contemporary contrast.

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