Does Online Ordering Decrease Potential Upselling Sales

Yes, Online ordering decreases potential upselling sales.  Upselling is a marketing sales technique that involves subtly persuading customers to spend more than they intended initially.

It involves convincing your customers to purchase a product or hire a service superior to their initial need that will be more profitable for your business.

Upselling, at its best, looks less like sales and more like effective techniques and customer service; it does not make the customer feel bugged in any way.

Upselling is a business-savvy concept that helps your restaurant make more money. Successful restaurant upselling is determined by your employees’ personalities, experience, and communication skills.

Many restaurants now accept implementing their online ordering platform to safeguard their margins and diversify their revenue streams. All of these meet with a broad range of solutions that may positively impact their bottom lines.

Most online ordering platforms are not built with customer satisfaction in mind. for example;

  • They force users to enter a zip/postal code to see the online menu.
  • Customers must create an account before their orders can be placed.
  • Several online systems do not make provisions for customers to add extra items.
  • The process involved in ordering is complicated due to intrusive pop-up ads or website interfaces trying to upsell items before any item they must have selected.

These reasons mentioned above are why the abandonment rate is over 75.52%; it is also one of the reasons why most restaurant owners use free online ordering platforms to eliminate upfront costs. This is acceptable as long as the restaurant wants to offer a top-notch online ordering experience without upselling in mind.

How To Maximise Online Ordering To Increase Upselling Sales

To maximise the ROI(return on investment) of your restaurant online ordering, you need an efficient ordering platform with these three key features;

1) Smart Marketing Functionalities To Enhance Customised Experiences: Ai(artificial intelligence) allows restaurant owners to display highly personalised promotions that are based on customers’ preferences,  behavior, and a myriad of several parameters.

Some platforms add strings that allow customers to tick boxes when they want to add a new item. 

2) Easy And Frictionless Customer Journey From Start To Finish: If the user experience of an online ordering platform is ridden or counterintuitive with friction points for customers, make sure to disengage from the site.

An online ordering system should have no more than a three-step ordering process

3) Non-Intrusive Upselling Features Based On Your Customer’s Preference: Most online ordering systems use AI to suggest extras and add-ons based on the customer’s preferences.

Furthermore, the platform remembers the customer’s past order and recommends the same menu items. Since the AI is embedded in a non-intrusive way, your customers will be more comfortable ordering items.

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