Responsible Service Of Alcohol

Serving alcohol responsibly does not only depend on having a good knowledge of how to mix cocktails and mocktails; it entails understanding when a customer has had far too many drinks and knowing what to do.

Also known as RSA, it provides strategies and rules for businesses that sell alcohol. Responsible service of alcohol also entails the following; 

  • Preventing local neighborhood disturbance, which can be associated with excess alcohol consumption.
  • Minimizing all alcohol-related problems like violence and antisocial behavior.
  • Implementing excellent practices in the supply and sale of alcohol and the operation of a licensed environment.

Responsible service of alcohol consists of different strategies that will prevent people from being intoxicated- it can include specific measures like no drinking of alcoholic content after midnight and not selling alcohol to underage.

Establishments that serve alcohol must reduce the high risk of harm that arises from alcohol-related cases. 

The RSA has a training program to help bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels, etc., develop procedures and policies to create a haven for those involved in alcohol-related activities. 

Importance Of Responsible Service Of Alcohol

1) Good Reputation: Responsible service of alcohol can give your establishment an excellent reputation when correctly adhered to; this reputation goes a long way in gaining community trust.

If your bar, club, or restaurant can be trusted not to serve liquor to minors/underage, you will gain better patronage than one that ignores the act of responsible service of alcohol and sells it to underage kids.

2) Pleasant Atmosphere: Responsible service of alcohol brings about responsible drinking; it leads to customers who are drinking within their capacity. This reduces incidents of unruly behavior that come with excessive drinking.

Additionally, with responsible service of alcohol in place, your employees can be assured that the eruption of rowdy behavior will be minimized.

3) Responsible Service Of Alcohol Prevents Drunk Driving: This is one of the essential responsibilities of a person who serves alcohol in a restaurant or bar. 

It involves doing everything possible to prevent any drunk driving cases whenever possible. If a customer gets drunk at your bar and goes to drive and causes an accident that claims lives, the driver won’t be the only one to be held responsible; you and the bar you work for will be held accountable for allowing the patron to drive in their drunken state.

But if you practice responsible service of alcohol, this wouldn’t be something you’ll ever have to worry about.

Tips For Responsible Service Of Alcohol

These tips below will help you enact the rules governing RSA;

  • Check IDs to know those that are underage.
  • Ensure you train your staff in a reputable alcohol-serving program.
  • Have all the drinking policies in place.
  • Do not serve alcohol to visibly intoxicated customers.
  • Measure the alcohol before mixing any drink.
  • Sell alcohol responsibly.
  • Have a reputable taxi service on speed dial.

Alcohol has addictive and intoxicating qualities and therefore needs attention and care when serving customers. Your servers have the responsibility of ensuring that customers are enjoying their drinks in moderation.

This isn’t just for your restaurant’s atmosphere; it is also for the safety of others once your customers leave your restaurant.

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