So What Exactly Is Cafe Furniture Anyhow?

confused personSeems like an obvious question I know but it’s an important one especially when you’re looking to refurbish your existing café or starting from scratch. Cafe furniture is furniture that’s used specifically in bistros, restaurants, bars, and of course café’s It can also be used in the home. Domestic furniture on the other hand (or furniture that’s made specifically for the home) shouldn’t be used in a commercial setting and here-in lies the difference.

Cafe furniture is generally more compact than it’s domestic counterpart so that it can be slotted effortlessly into the space constraints that a busy café has. It’s also far more durable and resistant to spills that say your average kitchen table would be. This is simply because it gets far more daily use.

So what exactly is commercial grade café furniture made from?

Cafe furniture is made from a wide range of materials from wood and wood composites, through to metal and even plastic. However, they all have one thing in common in that they’re tough and easily able to handle the rigours of a busy establishment. Each type of material can be used to create a theme or enhance a design. For instance aluminium would work extremely well in an industrial setting complete with exposed brick work and steel beams, or in a Mediterranean theme on a terrace area. Or how about a retro theme with sleek red tables? Wood on the other hand might be used more in classic contemporary designs; and finally plastic (or polypropylene) seating and tables come in a wide range of striking colours so they might best enhance a funky design.

What about outdoor use?

The confusing thing is that not all café commercial furniture is designed for outdoor use, so if you plan to use it for this purpose, then you’ll need to make sure you don’t mistakenly purchase ‘indoor only’ furniture. Retailers and manufacturers should tell you this before you buy and if they don’t then ask the question. That said and just to confuse things further, most furniture designed for outdoor use is usually dual purpose, meaning that it can also be used indoors if you so wish.

So there you have it, the sometimes confusing world of café furniture!

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