4 Weird and Wonderful Ways Of Using Coffee

ways to use coffeeI was killing time the other day as you do, surfing the internet, and just happened to come across a blog post describing different ways of using coffee. So as we often talk about coffee in the context of coffee shops, great furniture, ambience and all that sort of thing, we thought readers might be interested in a few of the ideas.


We’ve probably all read that sometime this century we’re likely to run out of oil and as a result scientists have been busy looking at alternative fuels. Some of the more common suggestions have been wind turbines and solar panels but now they’re suggesting something that usually gets tipped into the bin, used coffee.

This idea sounds a bit crazy, we know, and it’s not surprising that it’s originated from America. However, according to the University of Nevada it seems that left over coffee grounds can actually be used in the production of bio-diesel. Approximately 15% of coffee grounds is made up of oil, and this can be used in a similar way to the Palm Oil which is produced the world over. Coffee grounds provide an interesting alternative to what is currently the subject of much controversy about the de-forestation that is needed to grow the palm plant, and needs no plantations or additional farming. At a guess the scientists reckon that the world’s supply of coffee grounds could produce 340 million gallons of bio-diesel a year which would go a small way towards alleviating the crisis when it happens.

Adding flavour to food

More and more chefs are using this magical dark brew to lend deep flavour to both sweet and savoury dishes. Never before has it been so easy to get your coffee fix, and there’s a wide range of recipes to choose from. How about coffee toffee banana bread which contains half a cup of brewed coffee to give an added burst of flavour? Or what about Espresso scones? For lunch you could indulge yourself with a coffee-bacon sandwich which is an updated version of the classic BLT. Or for a cold winter evening then we’d recommend coffee and beef stew to warm you up.


Adding a small amount of coffee to your soil will release such nutrients as nitrogen into the soil, and this helps roses and carrots grow strong and healthy. You can also add coffee grounds to your compost heap which helps it break down more quickly. Another useful tip is to use coffee on the soil to stop your neighbour’s cat from digging up your plants, they’re said to hate the smell of coffee.

Get rid of headaches

Finally, did you know that drinking coffee can rid you of a headache? Apparently it reduces the swell of blood vessels in the brain and can lessen the pain or even get rid of the headache completely. Caffeine is so effective for pain relief that it’s in a lot of medication.

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