Creating A Customer Experience In Your Restaurant

a couple of people sitting at a table in a room

It takes more than your creative dishes and flavorful meals to keep your restaurant lively and in business. One of the crucial factors that will keep your restaurant running is the quality of your customer service. 

Offering excellent customer experience in your restaurant is defined by your speed of service, order accuracy, cleanliness, friendliness of employees, and more. This article will show you how to create an excellent customer experience in your restaurant.

Positive customer experience makes customers return for more, recommend you to family and friends, and trust your business. 

As a restaurateur, you must design the kind of experience your customers want and continuously improve on them as behaviours and attitudes change if they remain competitive.

Factors That Affect Customer Experience In A Restaurant

  • Food quality
  • Lighting
  • Customer service
  • Atmosphere
  • The ordering process (in-app, dine-in, and pick-up windows) 
  • Food and menu choices available 
  • Payment facilitation
  • Tidiness & cleanliness 
  • Choice of music 
  • Restaurant format 
  • The overall setting 
  • Delivery options and takeaway. 

Tips To Creating A Pleasant Customer Experience In Your Restaurant 

1. Know What Makes Your Customers Happen.

Every restaurant is different. For your restaurant to stand out, you need to pinpoint specifically what sets you apart; it could be the atmosphere, your efficient staff, or your menu.

To know for sure, keep an eye on the following; 

  • Social Media.

Many customers, especially the younger generation, will always voice their customer’s experiences on social media. Their complaints or reviews should show you the areas to improve on.

  • Post Dining Survey.

A digital or paper post-dining questionnaire is a great way to get honest and timely feedback.

  • Analytics.

Ensure to look into the analytics of your restaurant management system; it will help you know when you get the most visits in your restaurant and why. 

  • Review Sites.

This includes a restaurant website and other well-known sites. 

2. Know The Knack Of Excellent Customer Service.

Recent survey shows that about 75-80% of restaurants/Cafes closed within less than a year of opening, and the primary cause is poor customer service.

Besides evaluating your customer’s feedback, study your competitors; you can learn a lot by examining their negative and positive reviews. A few things to rectify could be;

  • Uncomfortable Seating.

It includes wobbly chairs and tables or mislaid-out tables. Comfortable seating is known to increase customer experience in restaurants.

  • Prolonged Wait Times.

It is the biggest turn-off for customers. It might be waiting for meals to arrive or to be seated. Prompt customer service is a significant factor in offering customers an excellent experience. 

3. Know Your Customer’s Preferences And Requirements.

Every customer wants to feel valued, and taking their requirements and preferences into consideration will make it easy to create a memorable customer experience for them.

Technology has made it much easier; you can get your staff or management team to collect basic information from customers, data like;

  • Birthdays 
  • Amount of spends 
  • Table preference 
  • Food allergies 
  • Anniversaries 
  • Number of visits 
  • Food preferences

Such helpful pieces of information will help you personalise interaction with your customers and offer them a more personalised customer experience. 

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