Feng Shui Of Your Cafe

Your food isn’t the only thing that attracts and keeps customers glued to your cafe; your overall decorations also significantly attract customers.

It is impossible not to recognize a cafe with excellent Feng shui; you feel it the moment you walk in. Feng shui makes your cafe space look clean and fresh, gives off positive energy, and makes your food pleasing. 

With excellent Feng shui in your cafe, you will have optimistic and harmonious vibes that keep your customers entertained. Sounds impressive, right?

If you want Feng shui to work its magic in your cafe, all you have to do is work with simple feng shui adjustments; this adjustment will transform the Chi-life energy of your restaurant, which will, in turn, bring in success, favorable outcomes, and financial gains. 

However, these outcomes relate to tasty meals, friendly employees, high profits, excellent reputation, and happy customer returns. Now is the time to try out something completely different in your cafe. 

Main Elements Of Feng Shui For Your Cafe

Based on the Chinese view of the universe, fire, wood, earth, water, and metal are the five elements that contribute to Ch’i energy. The art of Feng shui strongly influences all these elements, and they are all connected to plants, colors, seasons, and directions. Let’s elaborate further;

1) The Fire Element: It is a vital element associated with energy, the color red, heat, and movement. Objects that represent fire elements that you should place in your cafe are ;

  • Pictures/posters of the sun.
  • Candles.
  • Triangular/pyramidal shape elements.

2) Feng Shui Water Element: This element connects with the source of life. Objects of this feng shui element that should be incorporated into your cafe designs are;

  • Pictures of lakes, waterfalls, rivers, rain, seas, etc.
  • Objects of wavy or irregular shapes.
  • Ponds, fountains, fish tanks, and aquariums.
  • Surroundings with predominant color, especially blue.

3) The Wood Element: It is associated with energy in the growth phase. Objects that represent this wood element in your cafe are;

  • Objects of green or blue color.
  • Objects made from wood, e.g., wicker makers.
  • Green, healthy, and live plants.
  • Photos of forests, plants, trees, and flowers.
  • Objects of rectangular shape.

4) Feng Shui Earth Element:  it represents stability and solidity. Below lies various objects of this element that should be incorporated into your cafe to give off a Feng shui vibe;

  • Ceramic floors, furniture, rugs, picture tapestries, etc.
  • Pictures of fields and mountains.
  • Vases, plates, ceramic/clay objects, and chandeliers.
  • Any square-shaped element.

5) Feng Shui Metal Element: This element represents the concentration of thought, energy, wealth, and depth. Metal element objects that should be in your cafe;

  • Coins, metal photo frames, etc.
  • Pictures of children and sunset.
  • Electronic devices, metallic scones, household appliances, and lamps.

Simple Requirements For Good Cafe Feng Shui

1) Decorate your cafe with green and healthy plants. You can position the plants at the entrance of your restaurant so it will give your customers a soothing feeling as they dine.

2) Ensure the layout of your cafe’s interior is in primary form. The recommended shapes to use are circle, squares, or rectangle; each of these shapes offers its unique Feng shui properties. Ensure you do not incorporate irregular shapes, as they can pressure your customers psychologically.

3) Have an open space at your cafe entrance. The open area can feature a pool or a park.

4) Position your cashier at the right side of your cafe from the inside. The wall behind your cashier stand should be solid as it symbolizes cash flow stability.

5) Ensure you minimize partitions, as too many can stagnate positive energy flow. 

On A Final Note;

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