7 Ways To Conjure Up Parisian Chic In Your Cafe

parisian black01There’s no getting away from the fact that Paris has a certain romanticism about it especially when you picture the rows of quaint cafes that line the river Seine. So if you want to create your own slice of French flair and recapture some Parisian chic in your cafe, just how do you go about it? Here are 7 great ways that can help.

Keep it intimate

If you’ve been lucky enough to visit a Parisian cafe you’ll immediately notice that it’s both snug and inviting, especially in the evening when the lights are dimmed and gently flooding the area with a warm glow. Glaring bulbs or harsh lighting can kill the feel of a cosy mood so keep your lighting intimate. Lighting such as pendants, sconces, floor lighting, and the odd chandelier can really make a difference. Also don’t forget table lamps to create a diffused glow.

Bistro chairs

Of course it wouldn’t be Paris without the bistro chair so it would be criminal not to include them in your look. Low slung rattan chairs similar the type we offer here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane provide the perfect arrangement of comfort, style and durability.

French flooring chic

Okay so you mightn’t want to change your flooring to create the look but ideally tiling is both easy to clean and quintessentially Parisian. The hallmark flooring of the Paris cafe is either the hexagonal or penny tile preferably in an alternate chequer-board black and white style. However you could also get away with a wooden unpolished floor that just might do the trick.

Say it with posters

Of course the one adornment that screams Paris cafe are those gorgeous old fashioned advertising posters. If you can get your hands on some originals then fantastic, but even if you can’t you don’t have to look too hard to find modern-day recreations and what’s more they won’t break the bank either.

Chalk it up

If there’s one thing that you’ll see in every Paris cafe is the chalk board. After all, what’s a bistro without the day’s menu scribbled in chalk on a board? If you can’t get hold of an original chalk board, then a great alternative is to paint a section of your wall with chalkboard paint. Hey presto! No one will ever know the difference.

Copper pots

Even if you aren’t using them in your kitchen why not group together a selection of copper pots and pans to really give your cafe that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. Fill some open shelving with a nice display or how about a ceiling mounted pan rack to deliver the same results.

Window awnings

To complete the classic French cafe/bistro look then why not top it off with some interior window awnings. For the best look choose a striped fabric such as black and white.

If you need more style ideas for your cafe interior then why not check out our website at cafefurniturebrisbane.com.au. We have a wide selection of commercial grade cafe furniture for you to choose. If you’re still struggling to find the right furniture to match your team, style, or design then speak to our experienced team on 07 3205 1616 who can assist. Finally if you’re in or near the Brendale area of Brisbane then why not pop into our showroom where you can see the furniture we have on offer first hand.