What Table Base Should You Use For Your Cafe

What is the first thing you do once you step into any cafe, you look out for the perfect table, right? I for one, inspect the tabletop and table base to see if they are sturdy with little to no wobble. There is nothing more annoying than a wobbly table while you are trying to enjoy your meal.

When searching for a table base that will suit your cafe, I would suggest you keep a few things in mind; height, style, and space. You can start by checking out the space where the tables will be placed. 

Ask yourself questions like; How many tables do I need? Will there be enough room for my chairs to slide under? You will have to consider what size tabletop is best suited for your space and what base will support that size. 

The Right Kind Of Table Base You Should Use For Your Cafe

When searching for the perfect table setting, there are a few special features that you should consider to improve the enjoyment of your customer’s experience. 

1. Leg Room.

Make sure you are pairing appropriate chairs or stools with your tables. If you mismatch the height or widths of your setting, this can cause uncomfortable and unhappy customers. You will need to find the best base style for your cafe space. 

2. Don’t Overcrowd the area.

The more customers you have the more profit you make, yes? While this is true, customers tend to avoid highly crowded areas. You do not want to make it impossible to move so choosing appropriate table sizes will help navigate that issue.

3. Flip-Top Table Bases.

These bases allow space-efficient table storage for those cafes that need to take there furniture in and out. These tops can be easily adjusted to a vertical position when it’s not being used.

4. Self-Leveling Table Base.

This particular base prevents accidental food spillage caused by a wobbly table. We have partnered with Flat Technology who have solved a tale as old as time, the uneven wobble. They provide bases with self leveling technology which takes out the time wasting of trying to perfect table heights on an uneven surface.

Table Base Components

If you are just starting your cafe or you already have a pre-existing one, I would recommend you purchase the right table base components. Different table base components can be used depending on what you are after,  These include; 

1. Circular Table Bases.

This base is often used to match any round table tops.

2. Bolt-Down Table Bases.

This table base aids in securing the column to the floor for resilience.

3. Square Table Bases.

This base is wide enough and it minimizes wobbling. 

On A Final Note;

When it comes to table bases, what you should seek is quality. Make sure all your table bases are commercial grade, easy to clean and can withstand the test of time. 

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