Banquette Seating – Discover The Benefits of Banquette Seating

banquette seating is incredibly versatile and customers love it

Whether it’s a party for a large group, a romantic dinner for two or some other celebration, nothing creates a celebratory atmosphere in a cafe or restaurant than banquette seating.

Banquette seating first appeared towards the end of the 18th century and was inspired by the British who enjoyed holding parties in churches and opera houses and viewing the proceedings from the privacy of a private box.

Using banquette seating in restaurants soon became popular because it enabled friends, families, and even business associates to sit apart from other diners while also being shielded from the hustle and bustle of a busy venue.

Banquette, or booth seating as it’s also known is a favourite with modern-day customers and restaurateurs and provide many benefits.

Banquette Seating – Its Many Benefits


Typically banquette seating is well padded with a comfortable seat and a high back. For this reason, it’s exceptionally comfortable and gives great support to customers. When you consider that the longer people stay the more money they’re likely to spend on food and drink, it’s one of the main advantages of installing this style of seating in your venue.


Booth seating is typically more private than sitting on a chair behind a standard table. Most booth seating feature a high back and usually they’re positioned against a wall which immediately affords customers more privacy and keeps them away from other diners.  The set-up of booth seating generally means they are more sound-proofed which means diners get to enjoy their meal without the disturbance of loud voices from other tables. Young families also enjoy banquette seating because they can seat little ones on the inside preventing them from fidgeting or wanting to get down from the table.


Booth seating also offers more space for families or a group of friends. Most booths will accommodate several people seated close together and sharing platters can be placed on the table within easy reach of everyone. They’re also idea for freelance workers, giving them the space to sprawl out with adequate room for a laptop, phone, and documents they may be working on.

Less traffic

Well-positioned banquette seating also enables restaurant owners to seat a part of people celebrating a special occasion well apart from other diners so that they don’t cause a disturbance. It also enables waiting staff to serve a large group quickly and efficiently.

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