Industrial Cafe Design – Industrial Chairs and More

industrial chairs as part of an industrial cafe interior

A cafe benefits from having a distinct style since it sets it apart and gives it an identity that customers can resonate with. The vintage industrial style is both impressive and simple to create particularly with the use of industrial chairs such as Tolix. Here are a few tips discussing different materials and features you may want to consider in your venue.


Metal is the trademark feature of industrial design and can be used as extensively as you like and be rugged or subtle as you prefer. Think of a cool bar utilising metal plates against the wall or furniture that features metal such as rugged timber tables with a metal framework, industrial chairs made from a combination of metal and timber and even old locker cabinets. If you prefer a more subtle look then consider furniture with delicate metal embellishments.


Industrial buildings typically contain exposed brickwork that contrasts well with steel pillars or girders. If your venue doesn’t have study brick walls then there are simple ways to achieve a similar look with a photo brick mural or wallpaper. These can be custom made to fit your walls and look amazing.


Leather suits most environments but it looks particularly effective when part of an industrial setting. Consider leather or industrial chairs or stools or how about a rugged leather sofa? If you prefer a more subtle look then consider adding fake leather cushions to a soft fabric sofa.

Sliding Doors

Provided you have sufficient space industrial sliding doors are a great way to add character. In the warmer months, you could have them opening onto your patio bringing the outdoors in. To avoid an overkill of metal, you could choose a vintage door instead of a sliding door. Consider a timber door with a distressed look and an abundance of chunky metalware to add even more industrial character.


Industrial lights are really hot right now and there are plenty of styles to choose from. If you have high ceilings why not consider a cluster of industrial ‘light bulbs’ suspended from the ceiling or varying sizes of pendant lights that could hang over counters and tables.

Warmth & Comfort

Industrial interiors can sometimes appear a little dark but this doesn’t have to be the case. Consider making good use of soft warm light to illuminate various key areas. Another idea is to use an accent colour such as red when choosing industrial Tolix chairs and don’t forget to add plenty of green foliage to bright up dark corners or to wrap around beams or pillars.

Hopefully, these tips have given you some ideas to help you create an industrial design for your cafe. Currently, our Tolix all-metal chairs are being offered at a discounted price and come in a variety of gorgeous colours, so now is a good time to take action.

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