Live Stream Engagement With Customers

Whether your restaurant is a hidden gem or a popular place in your community, live streaming can still attract more customers to your restaurant /café.

Survey shows that more than 80% of individuals would rather watch a live video about your business than read your social media or blog post. 

So if you want to engage more with your customers, live streaming must be a vital part of your restaurant/café marketing strategy.

You can choose to go live from your café whether you’re hosting a party, an online trivia night, or preparing a signature cocktail, mocktail, or dish. Making a live video with bits of creativity can turn your café/restaurant into a must-eat spot.

If you want to live stream to engage your customers, you should focus on what your customers would love to see and entice them to keep coming.

How To Engage Your Customers Through Live Streaming

1) Restaurant Food Prep: Most customers do not care about how their meal is prepared as long as the taste is impressive; however, most are curious to know what’s happening behind your kitchen door.

Live streaming for 20-30 minutes of food preparation will trigger your customers to hold your restaurant in high esteem. This lets your customers see that your restaurant is transparent, clean, and sincerely cares about preparing healthy meals. 

Most times, your sous chef, line cooks, and chefs do not receive due recognition, but with live streaming, your customers can see who is behind the fantastic dishes and give them some accolades.

2) Bartender Tricks: Your café/restaurant is nothing without a good bartender. Live streaming your bartender will attract viewers to learn a few mixology lessons.

Most individuals may want to know how to make a good cocktail & mocktail at home or if your bartender is good-looking and single.

A live stream of your bartender is a fun and engaging way to interact with your customers.

3) Connect With Your Customers On a Personal Level: Through live streaming, you can show your customers a different side of your business by sharing your restaurant backstory. 

Sharing how you started your cafe/restaurant business and your passion for the business can connect you with your customers.

Also, getting personal with your customers can create a mutual understanding you wouldn’t usually receive with some customers daily.

How To Live Stream

With the availability of various social media platforms, there is a large audience you can potentially reach when you go live.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have about 700 million users, and about 80% of users would rather watch your live videos than read your blog post.

Here are a few tips to get you started;

1) Before going live, have a strong Wi-Fi connection. LTE is good, but it will use up a lot of data.

2) Use a good phone with excellent camera quality and a tripod to help stabilize your live stream.

3) Make sure you talk to your viewers, as this brings engagement. Be sure to bring viewers’ comments and questions into your live broadcast, as this makes them feel like they are part of your live stream.

4) Build anticipation by informing the audience of your live sessions beforehand.

5) Once you’ve started, do not stop. Keep live streaming to grow your customer base. Ensure you always keep them engaged.

On A Final Note;

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