Deals That Customers Love

Studies show that 73% of individuals can repeatedly visit a restaurant because of its deals, discounts, and promotional tactics. Creating the perfect deal that your customers will love entails a lot; it involves analysing and understanding your customers.

You need to know who your demographics are, their dining preferences, etc. Also, it would help if you analysed your restaurant’s underperforming dishes, the busiest time in your restaurant, and other vital factors.

Analysing all of these will help promote your business place and drag in more potential customers. This article will enlighten you on the different deals that customers love.

As you know, quality is essential in business, and so is price. Having restaurant discounts and deals can entice and delight your existing and loyal customers. Most individuals are easily swayed by restaurants offering deals, promotions, and discounts. Special deals and offers are vital to gaining and retaining customers.

Types Of Restaurant/Café Deals

Let’s look at the deals you can offer in your café, bar, and restaurant that your customers will love.

1. Combo Deals.

Offering combo deals in your restaurant is a great way to boost profitability and increase your restaurant sales. Every customer loves getting discounts and will likely return if you always give them reasonable prices for their favourite items.

Some combo deal ideas include;

  • Kids eat free on Thursdays with an adult entrée purchase.
  • One dessert and two entrées for $15. 
  • One entrée, one appetiser, and one drink for $20. 

When you combine two or more of your menu items into one discounted package, it will dramatically increase your customer satisfaction and encourage cross-selling and upselling.

For example, if you want to please customers looking for a complete dining experience, offer them an entrée, dessert, and appetiser for a reduced price. This is a very effective deal to try out in restaurants and cafés.

2. Gift Card Discount.

This discount is one of the popular types of restaurant/café deals. You can offer gift cards at a discounted price, usually 10-15% off of the face value of the gift card.

This discount can be used to buy any item made in your restaurant, like drinks and meals. For example, you can make a $60 gift card available for $40.

3. BOGO (Buy One Get One) Deal.

This is also one of the popular restaurant deals that your customers will love. This deal allows your customers to purchase an item at complete price and receive another item for a lesser value or for free.

Many restaurants that offer platters or combo deals love this trendy deal because it doubles the value of the meal. You only need a POS system to track and manage purchase data to offer BOGO deals.

One way to start BOGO is by creating a rule that will trigger the deal when an item is purchased. For example, you can offer a BOGO deal on entrée food when your customers order an appetiser.

On A Final Note;

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