The Isotop Table – What Is It And Why Buy It?

isotop-tablesThe problem with busy café’s is that they’re always full of people!

Okay, so while it isn’t a problem for the venue owner or indeed the customers who ether love the buzz, or the coffee, or both, it can be a problem for cafe furniture. Let’s put it this way, someone who had way too much time on their hands worked out that your average cafe table was used approximately 14.75 times a day. When you compare this to your kitchen or dining table at home which is used once or twice a day, then it’s easy to see just how strong cafe furniture needs to be.

Even so and despite this, cafe furniture can take quite a hammering. In fact, according to one source the average life of cafe furniture (this is commercial-grade don’t forget) is somewhere between 5-8 years. That’s one heck of an outlay every few years that you could probably do without. With this in mind how do you find cafe furniture that looks stylish and is built to last? More importantly, is there such a thing?

Enter the Isotop table….

What makes the Isotop table so special is its design. Multiple layers of thin wood fibre are glued together using a super-stick resin. This is then compressed under great strength to form a block which is then kiln-dried. Finally a decorative top layer is applied and the whole thing is then treated.

In essence what you end up with is a table that’s resistant to staining, scratching, damp, heat, and chemicals. In other words it’s virtually indestructible. So not only do you end up with a table that can be used both inside and out, it’s designed to take just about anything a busy cafe can throw at it.

But wait there’s more!

Isotop tables aren’t just function over form. Instead they come in a huge array of styles and designs ranging from sumptuous rich wood effects through to lifelike stone and marble table tops, and even some complete with wacky designs. In other words if your cafe has a particular style, theme, or design (no matter how way out it may be) there’s an Isotop table with your name on it.

The bottom line is that the next time you’re in the market for cafe furniture and you see the words ‘strong‘ and ‘durable‘ in the description, then you’d better make sure it’s a description for an Isotop table. Anything less and you could be shelling out more of your hard earned cash to buy replacements in as little as 5 year’s time.

At Cafe Furniture Brisbane we have a large selection of Isotop tables and table tops for you to browse and buy. Coming in an array of sizes and at seriously competitive prices, why not log on and take a look. Alternatively if it’s something you’ve seen somewhere else, that’s not on our website then contact us on 07 3205 1616 and we’ll do our very best to source it for you.