Why Tolix Bar Stools Have Stood the Test of Time

tolix bar stools

Tolix bar stools were introduced to restaurants as far back as 1934 and brought with them a whole host of features that made them an instant hit. With its universally appealing design and available in 3 convenient heights, this iconic stool seems to fit nicely into any dining space. There are plenty of other stools out there, so you’re probably wondering how the Tolix bar stool has stood the test of time.

Well, quite simply it’s for all the same reasons that it became so popular when it was first introduced. Here are the main reasons that Tolix bar stools make a great seating option for cafes.

Stylish Design

Tolix bar stools have a simple uncluttered design that makes them a stylish choice for a variety of dining establishments. The popularity of the style boils down to functionality The weight of the stool is equally balanced over its four legs while horizontal structs make it stronger without making the stool heavy. Sweeping lines and a great choice of fantastic colours enable this stool to provide a fashion statement.

In its original form, the Tolix bar stool was made from galvanised steel which worked well in casual dining spaces as well as more up-market venues and everywhere in between. Its slim build meant that a variety of seating options could be implemented without creating a look that appeared cluttered. Today, the potential for a rainbow of colours makes this a stylish and unexpected choice for any setting.


Available in just about every colour you can think of, Tolix bar stools can fit effortlessly into any décor. Their bright colours can create a funky modern vibe or a classic retro feel. The stools change immediately when they are presented in white or pastel shades to give an airy feel. With their metallic shades and distressed finishes, they also work well in industrial settings. Backless or with backs, with a bare or wooden seat, they’re versatile enough to suit any customer.


Manufactured from powder-coated steel, Tolix stools have a sturdy design and a lasting finish. A slot placed in the centre of the seat also enables any water to drain if your chairs get left outside in a heavy shower and helps prevent corrosion. In addition, the metal can be cleaned for a quick turnover in your busiest afternoon or evening periods. Seating that’s so flexible prevents the need for additional furniture and makes it a great investment.

Lightweight construction

Wooden furniture can be bulky and heavy to move quickly during a shift whereas the lightweight Tolix bar stools provide numerous benefits for multiple situations which include:

  • Can be stacked until they’re needed for a large event
  • Can quickly be moved into place during hectic hours
  • Outdoor seating that can be speedily moved and stored overnight
  • Stackability that makes cleaning up and mopping a breeze

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