Is Table Service Appropriate For Your Venue

Table service refers to the various ways food is served and presented on a table, with the right items to use correctly placed also, e.g., dishes, table linens, glassware and silverware. 

Food plays an essential role in the success of any event, so it’s vital you know the type of table service that is appropriate for your venue. You must understand the kind of food to serve your guests under different table service. 

For example, if you’re hosting an afternoon reception, the food items to be used should be easy to handle and, at the same time, serve your guest efficiently; because some meals are prone to splatter or drop. 

In this article, we’ll enlighten you with a list of table services that will be appropriate for your venue.

Different Types Of Table Service

1) Plated American Service: In this service, pre-plated meals are served to seated guests from the left-hand side and drinks from the right side. Empty glasses and already-used dishes are removed from the right side.

This table service is the most common, functional, efficient, and economical type of table service. The meals are not plated too far before serving, as they may lose their culinary value. 

2) Buttered Hors D’oeuvres Service: In this table service, hors d’oeuvres are placed on trays inside the kitchen and then passed to guests by servers. 

Guests are provided with cocktail napkins by the servers and allowed to serve themselves. Upscale receptions usually adopt this table service.

3) Reception Service: This table service style involves light meals displayed in a  buffet style. Since guests do not sit for long at events like this, do not serve meals that require knives; instead, serve meals your guests can eat with a fork and spoon.

4) Pre-Set Service: In this type of food service, the meals are ready and served on the tables once the guests are seated. This table service requires only those meals that can retain their texture and flavor at room temperature. 

The most common food served is bread & butter; often, appetizers are included in the pre-set menu, and occasionally desserts and salads.

5) Buffet Service: In this type of table service, meals are served on tables placed along a line; your guests are expected to help themselves and take their filled plates back to the dining table to eat. e

Servers usually provide beverages, wine, and water at table sides. A more sophisticated buffet service would have servers carry guests’ meals to their tables.  

6) English Family Style service: In this table service, guests are already seated, and large serving bowls/ platters are filled with food and served. Your guests can choose to help themselves from a revolving tray/stand placed on the table; they can choose to pass the food bowl and cutleries to each other. Occasionally, a host is present to carve the meat.  

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